Having entered the Recruiting and Human Resources field in 1997, Michelle Holt has observed the habits of many successful individuals, while developing her own expertise. Although much of her work focused in the areas of  corporate and agency recruiting, this experience allowed her to gain experience in strategy development, business, consulting, and sourcing. In each of her roles, Michelle supervised, trained, motivated, and evaluated personnel, making her responsible for the accountability and success of many employees in various companies.

From this work, Michelle was inspired to enter the field of accountability coaching. Having worked as a leader of a variety of cohesive teams, while implementing strategic and tactical plans to enhance performance, she observed many employees with a variety of successful and unsuccessful habits. She then managed these employees in fast-paced settings to complete projects and reach milestones in their field.  Overall, Michelle's experiences has given her insight into the competitive business world.  She has observed the motivation needed to advance in one's field and become an industry leader, and she has helped a variety of personnel strategize to better their positions. As a result, Michelle does not only have a background in Recruiting and Human Resources. She is also able to use her skills and observations from these positions to coach and motivate others as they pursue their goals.

Michelle's areas of expertise include:

-Strategizing, within the business, world, and on individual cases, to increase productivity

-Training, managing, supervising, and motivating personnel in order to complete projects in a timely manner

-implementing strategic plans to increase performance, further motivating personnel

-leading individuals in productive teams

-utilizing analytical skills to solve problems, outline goals, and construct plans of action


Michelle Holt Your Accountability Coach